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~ Saturday, July 20, 2002
It's funny that they mention TV, maps, and even clothing in this article, but don't say anything about books.

Every day, we get further and further into the future.
~ Friday, July 19, 2002
So damned important it occupies a permanent place of honour near the top of the page. If you know anyone who wants to be a writer and yet shows tendencies towards illiterate buffoonery, send 'em there.

Wait. Did I just abuse an apostrophe?
And this was just sent to me by Randy. If I can't get that stupid song out of my head for the rest of the day, then the rest of you can suffer along as well.

Not quite as infectious as this old classic, but still.
I go to Daryl Cagle's Slate site pretty regularly, although I generally don't bother with the rest of the site, since I love good editorial cartoons (hell, I even like mediocre ones), and I currently do not subscribe to any newspaper. This one from Mike Thompson of the Detroit Free Press really hits the mark.
So apparently a live-action version of Thunderbirds is a go, directed by Jonathan Frakes. Cool, but wouldn't it be hilarious to see those wires in hi-res on the big screen?
The boys got a new teddy bear hamster named Miss Lilly, and today is the first scheduled cage cleaning. Of course, even though this is officially their pet, chances are good it is their father who does the majority of the cleaning.
~ Thursday, July 18, 2002
My older son Aidan got two of these, the Fire Ant and the Praying Mantis, for his 6th birthday. Of the ridiculously large number of toys he received, these were the items that the kids kept lining up to try again and again. How come we never had stuff like this (or this - whatever happened to playing cards?) when I was a kid?
Amazon's been Googled, and it is so much better.

(Courtesy of Charlie's Diary)
I only have ten of these albums. Although I can say that in the days before CD, I had a fair amount more. And in the days before I had kids, I probably could have afforded more yet. Still, I can actually envision flushing one or two of them (and no, not the ones that my wife bought).

Incidentally, Celine is not one of them.

(Courtesy of boing boing)
As usual, I've hit the ground walking, not running. I guess I'm one of the mid-term adapters, not jumping in with both feet right away, but also not waiting until everyone else in the world is doing something. But I've been visiting enough blogs lately to tell me that this sort of format makes sense, and it sure as hell feels easier than normal web-stuff.

Of course, for the first little while I'll be using the basic template and the blogger hosting. Perhaps when I find the time, I'll make some changes in it. But between the kids, the writing, the work, the school, upkeep of the house, my volunteer work for
SFWA and more, I'm thinking it'll be a miracle that this thing gets regular updates.

In the mean time, this is a pretty cool place to check out.
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