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~ Friday, August 16, 2002
#33: Always bet on the guy with the eye lasers.

Movie Punks is a new online comic strip that Randy mentioned at his blog. Some funny stuff.
One final site, and then I promise, I'm off to do some work. A fellow named Paul Brians has done up a wonderful page called Nuke Pop, the history of the atomic age in popular culture. It's wonderful; just keep hitting the "Next" button and let him take you for a ride. What a strange culture I came into, and yet how odd it is that these things are mostly ignored these days.
Again, Cory at boing boing has posted a dandy, this one about a short film, documentary-style, that talks about the future the way it should have been. Based on a Collier's article from 50 years ago, with input from Wernher von Braun and art by Chesley Bonestell, here we reached the Moon by the year I was born and Mars before the end of the 60s. The pic of the Saturn Shuttle ascending is my new wallpaper.
When we left Logan last year, the old electric lawnmower had finally crapped out. So this spring, I did what I'd always wanted, and bought a reel mower. I feel better about it, it's good exercise, it's a healthier cut for the grass (although that's another story; I intend to xeriscape much of the yard in the next couple of years).

So then this magic mower comes along, which should be no surprise, but still, isn't back to the basics sometimes better? I'm not a Luddite, I swear I'm not, but aside from large commercial outfits and people with disabilities, I can really see no use for this sort of thing. And yet, I can already think of a few people on the block who will approach this with lust in their eyes when they see it at Sears.
Beware of the site in yesterday's post. If you scare easily, or are not interested in that sort of thing, don't bother. I probably should have noted this before.
~ Thursday, August 15, 2002
My friend, fellow author Ursula Pflug, just posted this site. Since I'm currently writing a story about spirit photography, it looked interesting. Note: don't focus too close on one spot, but do let your eyes drift around the table and the windows. It may take up to five minutes, but you should find the image.
A man is going to jail for selling a comic book. No surprise that it's happening in Texas.
~ Wednesday, August 14, 2002
Thanks to Cory at boing boing, I now know how to get that action figure. Now I have to find the money.
Well, now I want my own action figure.
~ Tuesday, August 13, 2002
By gum, here's a nice photo of Jo and me from her high school reunion.
Damn. While this doesn't hit me as hard as when Ansel Adams died (I wrote my best-known story out of that moment, "The History of Photography"), it still sucks. Galen Rowell has died, a tragedy and a real loss to the photography, climbing, and eco communites.
Of course she's nothing like this, but I do love it when a comic features the name of someone I know and love. This one's for you, Mom.
When I go to a restaurant to eat (as opposed to, say, clip my toe nails), I anticipate at least a small portion of service to go with the food. Even at the "family" type of restaurant that the presence of the boys requires us to eat at these days. That said, let this be a warning to any folks out there that the Smitty's in Hinton, Alberta, should be studiously avoided. Okay, so we had to wait ten minutes to see a waitress, in what was apparently a none-too-busy establishment. I suppose I can live with this in my desire to avoid Rotten Ronnie's. But then the boys' food took about another fifteen. And their food shows up cold, and with a long blonde hair inside. Plus, our food was still not in sight, and everyone did their level best to not look at us.

In a moment of impeccable timing, though, we were at the door when they came rushing out with the food for Jo and me. Ta-ta, folks! Don't expect me to visit any of your fine locations ever again, even if the franchises are owned by different folks.
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