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~ Saturday, September 07, 2002
Aidan's soccer team played today (I'm the coach), back at it after summer break. The 6-year olds are sponsored by Kellogg's (Tony's Team Tiger reads each shirt; we're Royal Blue). Today I discovered that one of the older age groups is sponsored by Prince George Prosthetics. Is this not beautiful?
~ Friday, September 06, 2002
Check out the video of cups being stacked. I kid you not; it's amazing.
Carrington Vanston at his comic Movie Punks has an interesting little screed today. Here's a taste of an interesting idea:

"At least I don't have to worry about wasting money on films I know ahead of time will almost certainly be terrible. Why? Because for quite some time now I have refused to pay for them. What I do instead is see them in a multiplex where they take your ticket and release you into a larger area with many cinema entrances. Not only is this exceptionally handy for sneaking into additional films, it's ideal for my new Personal Value Payument [sic] Plan. I started this system back when Battlefield Earth was released and was damn sure I wasn't about to give dime one to those Scientology pudding heads.

"How it works is simple. Let's say I'm going to break down and go see a film I suspect is a piece of crap. A Jesse Bradford movie, for instance. Well, what I do is buy a ticket for a different movie that I want to support and then just go into the cinema playing the crap film. For instance, I might buy another ticket for 24 Hour Party People because it's been doing poorly but deserves to do well, but then I'd just watch Swimfan instead. That way I see a new movie, but I don't financially contribute to the creation of garbage. If I end up being wrong and the movie is worth paying for, I simply buy a ticket for it the next time I'm seeing some other probably-crap movie.

"I have imposed my own shareware system on movies, and I encourage you all to do the same. I hope this weekend finds movies like Swimfan showing to packed houses without making a dime. Sound good?"
Courtesy of Rolly & Wells at the Salt Lake Tribune, this one is from the August 2002 Town of Alta, UT, newsletter: "July 14: At 12 p.m., the deputy on duty responded to a report of a man chasing a moose in Albion Basin. It is suspected that this is related to a subsequent report of a moose chasing a man."
~ Wednesday, September 04, 2002
Time to run off a bit more about the state of local health (lack of) care. You can visit here and find out about the effects of taking acute care facilities away from communities near deadly highways.

As well, I recently re-met a woman with whom I used to work. She lives here in PG now, and had a son on August 16, 2001. At the time, the nurses here were on a No Overtime work slowdown, because practically all of them were casual or part time, and yet they were working more than full time hours. Makes sense that they want some benefits, right?

Well, at the time S (as I'll call her) went into labour, labour and delivery at the hospital was shut down, not taking new patients. Her former doctor in St. Albert, Alberta was willing to take her, but BC Health said No, they could find somewhere local for her. So rather than flying her to St. Albert or Edmonton, she got an ambulance ride to Williams Lake, about three hours away. But the ambulance wouldn't leave without a doctor or nurse on board.

The flaw is immediately seen, at least as far as nurses go. S's doctor was due to fly to Vancouver the next morning, but agreed to come along, provided the ambulance crew drove her back to PG. S had to have an emergency C-section, which could have led to complications for her baby, which would have been a Bad Thing, considering the tiny hospital there does not have a neonatal unit. Luckily, all went well.

Two months ago S received a bill for the ambulance ride. They chose not to pay it.
More crap to worry about with the environment. Especially check out the statement in the third-last paragraph.

It seems to me that times like this demonstrate that the checks and balances supposedly built into the US republic-style system don't always trump the parliamentary system that so often drives us nuts.
Ah, the beauty of logic. Much like the boy who kills his parents and then pleads for the court to show mercy because he's an orphan, the IHA in this story has pulled a real fast one. I recall when my father first started having his health problems and opted to go home, rather than stay in the hospital. He was still on IV drugs at that point, but my mother is a nurse, and frankly, why should he stay in the hospital and take up valuable resources and space when he's one of the few lucky ones who has a decent support network to lean on?

But the insurance company wouldn't pay for the drugs unless he was in the hospital. Yes, they would pay for the same drugs, the same amount of money, as long as the government (and, of course, by extension you and me and everyone else, with tax dollars and premium dollars) forked over money to put him up in a white, cheerless room with a tiny TV on an articulated arm and pyjamas that accentuate the pale butt.

So in Kimberley they close the hospital, then tell the poor sap (seven operations!) that he has to pay because he doesn't get his treatment in the hospital. Another circle in hell will have to be built, just for idiots like these.
Headline in this week's Onion: "Woody Allen's Third Wife Born".
More Spotted Owl. Lest we think we're so much better here in Canada.
~ Tuesday, September 03, 2002
In honour of the Spotted Owl, perhaps Shrub should arrange to have the trees cut down here.
Thank God for Molly Ivins. This time out she takes a big flaming shot at Dick Cheney.
~ Monday, September 02, 2002
I know. Let's all become filthy rich and live at sea!
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