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~ Friday, October 04, 2002
A line of beauty and wonder from Roger Ebert's review of Red Dragon: "There are stabbings, shootings, fires, explosions, tortures, mutilations, and a flaming corpse in a wheelchair, but within reason."
Plain old forgot to mention this: pix here of Jo and me with Janis Ian from when she was in Edmonton for the Folk Fest. As she makes endearingly clear in areas of her site, Janis is also a burgeoning SF writer, which is how we met. Because she's Good People, I'm not jealous of the fact that she's also this fabu singer/songwriter horning in on my field. Dammit.

(There's an implied smiley there, incidentally.)
This year's Ig Nobel winners have been announced. I'm especially fond of the bellybutton lint survey, as one year for a New Year's resolution I collected all of my own lint in a container. Jo was quite appalled when I announced this at the party just after midnight.
Google Zeitgeist keeps track of rising and declining search requests, not only for Google in the US, but for Canada and the rest if the world.
~ Thursday, October 03, 2002
The war of words continues. This time, Jerry Falwell continues on the theme being sounded in much of conservative America, except he goes right for the jugular. Really now, who can doubt that this sort of statement is anything but calculated to make things hotter?
~ Monday, September 30, 2002
Penis fencing. I wonder if British bookies lay odds on this?
Ah, sweet shit! Build your own diorama today!
Great. A reason to sell all my CDs and repurchase everything. Along with all the new hardware, of course.
~ Sunday, September 29, 2002
So it turns out I'm being pirated. What's goofy about this is it's time-sensitive columns on SF markets that I write for the Bulletin. What's irritating is that these jokers are charging $2.95US for every download, and I don't see a penny.

SFWA's lawyer is working on them right now. I'm hoping it gets settled soon, but I doubt it.
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