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~ Saturday, November 16, 2002
As any good librarian will tell you (and yes, my wife is a good librarian), you can't trust everything you find on the web. We've seen examples lately of people, law enforcement, and news organizations taking The Onion as gospel. And now there's this article about a dopey editor at an outfit called Studies Weekly, which supplies American schoolkids, grade three through six, with study aids to supplement regular texts and, I imagine, to help teachers keep up.

So this teacher reads to her kids that, "[e]very spring, the freshwater whales and freshwater dolphins begin their 1,300-mile migration from Hudson Bay to the warmer waters of Lake Michigan." Yeah. Right. As this site shows (and this one I know is right), Hudson Bay and Lake Michigan do not connect. It takes a lengthy swim north, passing by Baffin Island via the Hudson Strait, and then down and into the St. Lawrence, where there are Belugas.

The best part is the ass who defended the story. Perpetuating the fine education he or she got, as you can see.

Late news: Here is the retraction. "But it looked so real" certainly has to be the quote of the day.
~ Friday, November 15, 2002
Lots of news about the Moon landings supposedly being faked these days. Randy just sent me this latest,and of course NASA was initially planning a book, and they do have a site which deals with the claims (both courtesy of Boing Boing). And don't forget Buzz Aldrin taking a swing at a particularly obnoxious hoax afficionado. (Also, check out this rant, likely just the tip of the iceberg, which seems to say that more flakes are going to come out of the woodwork, all because they don't trust the government. Strikes a blow for elitism my ass.)
~ Wednesday, November 13, 2002
Mad gets it right with a brilliant sendup of The Onion. (from Boing Boing)
~ Tuesday, November 12, 2002
One of the two major Canadian contenders for the X Prize is advertising for volunteer astronauts. More on this later, since I'm about to dash out, but I'm thinking of throwing my name in the hat, even though I have no flying experience. What the hell, eh?
~ Monday, November 11, 2002
Photoshop Phriday: Batman through the ages! I was especially struck by the Escher Penguin.
The chicken pox episode is almost over; Aidan is well enough to be out and about, although he is still covered with little red zits. Friday was hell, itchy and whiny and tired and Brennan not helping matters. But I have since heard stories that made me thankful. To whit:

- a woman whose husband had them as an adult. Much worse than as a kid, including pox under the eyelids, in the ears, under the foreskin, and on his lungs

- a child whose pox were so bad that her parents could hear them popping when she rolled over in bed at night

- parents spending the entire night "sleeping" on the couch while holding their child

- infections from scratching, precipitating a lengthy hospital stay

Now I wait to see what happens when Bren gets it. Joy.
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