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~ Saturday, December 07, 2002
Have you ever wondered why sport utility vehicle drivers seem like such assholes? There's a good opening line, and it isn't even the harshest.
~ Thursday, December 05, 2002
Wrote the Romantic Lit final exam today. It was hard, probably more so because I'd been away when the boys were sick and missed a bunch. Also got my paper on "Tintern Abbey" and "Hymn to Intellectual Beauty" back, with a B+. Not ecstatic about the mark, but considering the amount of time I was able to put into it, it'll do. This course will bring down my average, although it'll probably still be about a 3.5 or 3.6 GPA. Nothing to sneeze at after the fiasco in my former life as a young man.

One more exam, in Theory, next Wednesday. And I'll post more about the paper I did for that class after I get it back. Some interesting buzzwords to hint at, though: rhizomatic surveillance structure; Superpanopticon; disindividualizes. No links tonight, I'm going to bed.
Kubrick post, just for Randy. David Kirkpatrick is an excellent (even if he doesn't write enough) Canadian SF writer, one that I was lucky enough to publish way back in Senary with his story "The Eye of Hurricane Zeppo." Anyhow, he sent me a big batch o stuff about Kubrick, including this:

"I think 2001 is best appreciated as one part -- one of the most important parts -- of a single 10-part Kubrick film beginning with The Killing and ending with Eyes Wide Shut (but excluding Spartacus). One pet theory of mine is that they parallel the same cyclical pattern of Vico's that inspired Joyce; another, that each film explores a different Commandment:"

1. No False Gods - Clockwork Orange (naked egocentrism versus playing god)
2. No swearing - Full Metal Jacket (war as profanity)
3. No idolatry - 2001 (technology as playing god)
4. Honor the Sabbath - The Shining (think of Jack Torrance as workaholic)
5. Honor your parents - Lolita (rejection of maturity)
6. Don't kill - Dr. Strangelove (the ultimate murder)
7. Don't commit adultery - Eyes Wide Shut
8. Don't steal - The Killing
9. Don't lie - Paths of Glory
10. Don't covet what belongs to your neighbor - Barry Lyndon

I'll reproduce more later.
The man With the Smallest Penis in Existence and the Electron Microcope Technician Who Loved Him. Found this in the ads at The Onion, believe it or not. Very funny, although it certainly isn't for the kiddies. Episode 2 is on Monday!
~ Wednesday, December 04, 2002
This comes to me via Boing Boing, and is a wonder. Make sure you have Quick Time, though. The underwater scene you'll come to is only a later addition; please feel free to poke about.
Three random bits of fun before I go upstairs to study (first exam is tomorrow. Am I ready? I think not):

First, R.D. Peters is a whackjob nutbar who rants about people fighting scammers in the "publishing" industry. He has to be read to be believed. Plus there's a picture of a cow.

Second, I understand that the US Supreme Court on Monday heard arguments about the Texas sodomy law (hint: sodomy is not favoured down there, if you'll excuse the pun). Alas, a Blog has reprinted lyrics from his college days, sung to the tune of "Yesterday" by The Beatles, and I'm reprinting them here, with the warning that he was pulling them from his memory. Go read his blog for more details:

I make love to you illegally.
The legislature wants to come and see
And lock us up for sodomy.

I'm not half the man I used to be.
Justice Rehnquist said so on TV.
We have no right to privacy.

Where... did...
Our rights go?
I don't know.
All they would say
Is that the laws are clear:
If you're queer,
It's not okay ay ay ay.

I've felonized you frequently.
Our case comes to court today at three.
They'll lock us up for sodomy...
Hmmn hmmm hmm hmmn, hmm hmm hmmmn.
I believe in sodomy.

Finally, why am I not surprised that, post-911, people still don't get it?
~ Monday, December 02, 2002

We're convinced after last night's episode that Boomtown is the best show on TV right now. And with the return of Andy Richter Controls the Universe (yay!) Life With Bonnie has competition for the funniest show. But for sheer coolness, the one to turn to (and while Jo wouldn't agree, the boys certainly do) would have to be Samurai Jack. Smart and snappy and going against the grain by having long silences, with a great villain and a wonderful hero, this show is probably also the best SF/fantasy genre show out there right now.
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