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~ Thursday, December 19, 2002
Windows RG. Go here before MS gets wind of it and drops some heavy lawyer fees on the brilliant heads of the creators.
The dog has been bathed, the dog has been brushed, the dog has had her teeth brushed and her claws clipped. She's been taught to sit and stay and come and don't pee or poop inside. Now we have to stop her sneezing great enormous boogers over clothes and furniture.
Got a B+ in Romantic Lit and an A in Contemporary Theory. About what I expected for the first, and a little higher than initially anticipated for the second, but the last paper kind of made me rethink where I was going to end up. Disappointed to get a B+, but in the long run I can't complain too loudly, considering the marks I received in a former life.
"Yes, I've got monkeys in my pants." Personally, I think the bastard got off light.
~ Wednesday, December 18, 2002
Another sale! "More Painful than the Dreams of Other Boys" is officially the first purchase for the Canadian SF anthology Open Space. The idea for this story came to me in a dream vision one night just over a year ago, when I was still living in Logan. A few days later I flew to Philadelphia for WorldCon, and talked a little about the story idea during dinner with a bunch of Canadians, just slowly hashed through some things in my mind.

It's my longest sale to date, close to 12,000 words. The story itself is a murder mystery of sorts, with the twin themes of aging and pedophilia lurking over the reader's shoulder. And it could be SF, or it could be fantasy. I really don't care where people choose to slot it.

A number of edits were made to it over the past couple of days, which was an interesting process for me. Almost all of my sales have been done without edits, and the few that needed some work saw only a little done, paradoxically over a longer period of time. But from Claude's first email to his last only took four days, and there were in total close to 15 changes, most minor, some a bit deeper. But I pushed hard on making the edits work for him, based largely on this comment from his third email to me (all three of which coming in a quick chunk): "Damn! I can't stop thinking about your story. It's really an intriguing piece."

That puts me at 19 originals, and then reprints piled on top. Cool beans.
No take backs. Why you shouldn't worry about Harry Potter turning your child into a devil-worshipper.
Go-Go Gadget Arrow Sprouter! 50 Reasons Why Lord of the Rings Sucks, and man, it's funny! (Via Cruel Site of the Day)
Cranky stuff here, with the 50 most loathsome people in America. A tad Buffalo-centric, but that's OK. And while I don't necessarily agree with everybody on the list, it's still wicked-funny. (Via Memepool)
~ Tuesday, December 17, 2002
I have a Meade telescope that I got cheap because the clock mount is busted; it can be moved into place, but then it slowly glides out of sync, so that your subject disappears from view. Frustrating, but like I said, it was cheap. Anyhow, tonight Aidan and I (Bren tried, but I doubt he was successful) got to see an amazing sight. Saturn is at its closest to Earth in 30 years right now, just 1.2 billion kilometers away, and quite easy to spot in the night sky. As an added bonus, it's tilted towards the Earth, giving a great view of the rings.

We had a clear night, and because PG is relatively dark, I just had to set up on the front porch. After some wrangling, there it was, a little white spot in the middle of the eyepiece, and the rings were clear as day. Or night. This was a first for both of us, and a real thrill, especially after the clouded-over crash-and-burn of the last meteor storm.
For anyone thinking of learning to drive, here are some excellent lessons. (Via Memepool)
~ Sunday, December 15, 2002
The new Oceans of the Mind is now out, with my story "Wasps at the Speed of Sound." Check out the link for a hint of the story as well as subscription info; it's a tremendous magazine.
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