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~ Friday, January 10, 2003
I'm of two minds regarding the arrest of B.C. Premier Gordon Campbell on charges of drunk driving while on vacation in Hawaii. I have an intense dislike for the man and for the way he has enacted many of his policies (although I admit - hard to do, coming from a family tradition of leftwing pragmatism - that many of them were at least partly necessary). I also believe that when you are in a position of power the world must treat you in a different fashion; as Premier, he is expected to set an example for others in the province. And of course, Campbell believes this himself, having gone on the record while in Opposition and in government that anytime a cabinet minister has a legal cloud over his head he should step aside. As a bonus, I'd be keen to see the bastard go down in flames.

But. Campbell has announced that he will not contest the charges. This is a brave but smart thing to do, and immediately leaves behind this "legal cloud." In addition, I know that I would not lose my job if found guilty of the same charge, the same for most people (folks who drive for a living are usually the ones most affected by such moronic decisions, since they often end up being banned from taking the wheel for a period of time). Campbell was not working when he screwed up, and he wasn't even in his home province. Or country.

Unless his caucus deserts him, which is unlikely, he'll tough out this storm, as well he should. There are more pressing reasons to dump him, but we'll have to wait for the next election. This will hang over him, though, and not unlike many other B.C. Premiers, I won't be surprised to see him step down when his term is up.

The fact that he often spends holidays at a condo in Hawaii will be enough to make some others sit up and take notice, folks who may not care about the OUI charge but do care about money leaving the province in tough times, or about how in-touch the man can be when he has a condo over there and I (the generic I, of course) had to forego my vacation to a campground in the Okanagan last year because of uncertainty at the mill.
~ Sunday, January 05, 2003
Ampersand says goodbye to Chelsea. Sounds like she was a special dog.
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