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~ Friday, May 16, 2003
This makes me hungry for all the good eats when I get to Great Britain. Be sure to click on the Family and Fanatics links. What's most amazing, this isn't a joke; it's all terribly real.
~ Thursday, May 15, 2003
I'm feeling some splendid relief today. One of the courses I took this past semester was English 499, which is an independent study course; I was the only student, and I met once every couple of weeks with the head of the department, all leading towards one big paper, rather than a small paper and an exam or two. I had the paper deferred, as life compounded by the boys taking turns being sick put me way behind. Stan, the prof, was fine with that, largely because his wife had a baby right around the same time.

But today he emailed that I can pick things up tomorrow, so I went to the UNBC site and checked the online transcripts, in case my mark was in the system. And it was. "Interstellar Conflict Across Time: Military and Structural Similarities and Differences Throughout the History of Space Opera" got an A!

I've been watching the time drag on and pretty consistently expecting a B. This was a bitch to write, 24 pages plus two more for my sources, which in fiction isn't that much of a hit, but damn, it was hard here. Especially since I was refining right up until the bitter end, changing plans mid-stream several times.

For any who are interested, my three primary texts were Doc Smith's Gray Lensman, Orson Scott Card's Ender's Game (not strictly space opera, I know, but if you squint just right, it qualifies), and Excession by Iain M. Banks.
~ Wednesday, May 14, 2003
Continuing to harp on the environment, a look here shows that a the oceans are running out of big fish. Unsurprisingly, industry sources dispute this, as seen in the article. With Canada closing the cod fishery, other involved people are fighting back. It's tough to see a way of life disappear, and I can understand the frustration of the fishermen, but I don't understand tenacity that would allow them to fish themselves and their children and grandchildren out of a career.

Audobon's Living Oceans has a great series of wallet cards you can print off to keep track of what's safe to eat and what isn't because, let's face it, the cod and other fish aren't facing extinction because of overzealous fishermen, but rather because of rapacious consumers like you and me. I first saw one of these cards at a restaurant when Peter Watts checked to make sure what he could eat safely; they should be required reading fr all who enjoy seafood.
Apparently it sometimes is possible to let a conservative government know that you are unhappy. All it takes is an economic threat. This show is an enormous boost to the Salt Lake economy, and it's about time someone called the Utah government on their continued assault on enviromental politics (here's a good place to see some of the ongoing battles, which also often involve the BLM).
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