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~ Wednesday, May 28, 2003
Off to Harrison Hot Springs tomorrow morning, where Jo attends BCLA and I relax sans children (they're here in PG, with the in-laws). Back late on Sunday. Tonight I coach Aidan's soccer game and then rush over to play my own, so my dance card is officially full. No blogging is my suspicion.
For all my cat-loving friends everywhere, a special song.
NASA is trying to decide whether or not their astronauts should phone home if they know they aren't going to make it (note: this site may require a very minor registration, but no names or addresses). It's a question I addressed in my story "Last Call", available here for a micropayment. I would hope that such a call would be allowed, difficult for family and astronaut as it would be. I know I'd rather be able to say goodbye.
~ Monday, May 26, 2003
Rabbit fur, snow, the disaster on Everest, and an auction. Read all about it here.
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