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~ Saturday, July 19, 2003
More on the trip (grief, I've been busy!).

We caught the ferry back to Horseshoe Bay, then drove through Vancouver and eventually made it to South Surrey, where we were staying at my Aunt and Uncle's house (although they weren't there, although my cousin Christa and her boyfriend Warren, a former Olympic mountain bike rider, were). During the next three days we visited Stanley Park and the Vancouver Aquarium therein (for a look at one of the sights there, go here), the CN Imax Theatre to watch Bugs (3D); during one scene when a swack of butterflies were flying around, a little girl in front of us was trying to catch them, and Brennan said "They're in the movie, for Pete's sake!" Our little literalist. We also hit the beach at White Rock.

The trip was mostly for the boys, since Jo and I will be away for our own trip, but we did get a couple of visits in. Alyx met us for the Imax movie, and Randy and his son Ryan met us for lunch. Both visits were pleasurable and far too short, coupled with us being ever-so-tired.

We got on the road by 9 on Friday morning, and stopped at Hell's Gate, taking the tram down for lunch. Then we basically doodled about on the rest of the drive, taking 12 hours for what normally can be done in 8 or 9. The dog was excited, and we were tired. But it was a good trip.
~ Wednesday, July 16, 2003
An interesting take on where digital cameras might take us. (Via Gizmodo.)
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