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~ Wednesday, July 23, 2003
A fine day:

Starts with the sun shining, the boys in good moods. Me, I take my time getting rolling, then head out to stain the deck, doing the walking surface today, using a pole, and dancing to Peter Gabriel and Youssou N'Dour singing "Shaking the Tree" as I stain which causes Bren to roll his eyes.

Then, lunch, followed by a trip to the local spray park, where we meet Meghan and her kids Sebastian (one of Bren's friends) and Lachlan, and Aidan bumps into his friends Kielland and Matthew, and they all play and have fun and I get to have a daytime conversation with an adult, with interruptions averaging only one every couple of minutes.

And then the three of us trundle over to the Exploration Place Museum, where they have this great program called the Nature Exchange; Aidan brings in objets de nature and they give him points for them, which he can blow on something else right away (which he has done previously), or bank for something big and cool (which he is convinced he will do, ever since he heard one boy has a whopping 39,000 points).

He trades in:

One small clam shell - 5 points (sigh)

One medium-sized sand dollar, from Nova Scotia - 200 points (better)

One tiny (1 cm across) and perfectly whole skin of a spider that had moulted, and I had found it while staining the other day - 500 points (wow!)

Pick up Jo from work, hang out a bit, no fights, no kids yelling and screaming. Take the dog for a walk in the nice cool evening breeze.

More days should be like today.
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