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~ Thursday, September 25, 2003
Moving Out

Reset your Online GPS units, folks, Cold Ground now has a new home. Hopefully it'll be far less bothersome for me, while at the same time be more central.
~ Wednesday, September 24, 2003
Oh no! This is tragic! The bigger shame is that Brown was still working up until the end, although of course I was a bigger fan when I was a kid.
~ Tuesday, September 23, 2003
Thinking about jumping ship

I'm contemplating moving over to Typepad and paying real money to have a service that actually works, including a decent online photo album (for two weeks now, Fotolog has not allowed me to upload a picture). I'm waiting to hear back from some users, but does anyone out there have an opinion?
~ Tuesday, September 16, 2003
This visit to a cemetery is a remarkable site. Make sure your sound it up, and make sure you roll the mouse over each image. Visit the seasons and click on each cross to see them all.

While a few of the effects were a bit too much, most of them were subtle and wonderful and mixed quite well with what is quite excellent photography.

Oh, and I think viewing it late at night on your own might be most effective.

(Via Real Live Preacher)

First game of the playoffs was last Thursday night, after a rainout from last Sunday. I played center-forward for most of the game, and I'd say it was my best since coming back to the outdoor game (four years ago, after almost 20 away). Lots of good passes, plenty of chances, gave the defenders a few fits with ball control and by stealing a few from them.

It started for me with a good pass up the middle which I beat everyone to, but a defender was breathing down my neck and I shot hard instead of chipping the ball, and the goalie had come out to challenge me, so the ball went off his face, as did his defender. This play, incidentally, wound up being photographed for the local rag. I'm floating in the air, as is the ball, and the defender has just started running down his keeper. We all have our eyes closed. The tagline reads: "Real masters play with their eyes closed." Har har har.

I had a couple of other somewhat weak shots on net, then a hard shot from my right striker bounced off the goalie's hands and to my feet. From 5 feet away I roofed it; would have been embarassing to put it over the net, but that put us up 1-0. And this play was on the 11pm news that night, the cameraman working from the far corner of the field, so even zoomed in I'm the little guy in the middle. But still, you see the goal plain as day, as well as my turning to calmly celebrate.

A little later, I was in the box and harassing the goalie when our leading scorer tried to sail one to me for a header. It was too high for me, but he scored on it, so that was fine.

But then we let them get back in the game. They got a questionable penalty kick goal, and then our goalie (not our regular) got sloppy on a long ball. 2-2.

Shortly after, the ball was sent to me and I drifted a gentle header that would have beat the goalie in the top corner, but it missed and landed on top of the bar instead. Then my left striker got a goal but they called it offside.

And then, me back on right mid, one of their defenders got fancy with it, almost on his line and a few feet from the goal. Nick, the right striker, challenged him, and the ball came to his feet and bounced into the net. 3-2. This play was also on the news, but almost entirely blocked by the linesman, who was standing three feet in front of the camera's lens.

10 seconds after the other team kicked off, the ref blew the game over.

Game 2 was Sunday afternoon. I was a little wobbly, with a couple of moments that involved weak passes, but I still made some good plays and my ball control was excellent. We grabbed a fairly early 1-0 lead and almost had a couple more, then sat back as the other team tried to make a go of it, but any time they could have had a decent chance they shot blanks - I think they missed our net five times in the game, including on one breakaway. Our keeper was also on his game.

Second half we scored another, then near the end one for insurance. By early in the half it looked like some of our opposition's players were going to get in a fight with each other, they were so crabby about everything, which of course only helped us out.

This Sunday is the final, and the team we expected to face was knocked out this past Sunday. The team we face instead is one that beat us a few time, but we did win the opener of the season, 1-0, so there's always hope.
Scotland, Day Five

Or, London, Day Two

Most of this day was spent sight-seeing, riding an open-topped double decker bus around the city and getting a handle on where things were. We got off several times, most notably at Trafalgar Square and Shakespeare's Globe Theatre (where the play was sold out, and the tour did not allow for a visit to the theatre itself, due to the play. So we just poked around).

We also took a cruise on the Thames, and walked around quite a bit so that I could take notes on various locations as well as get some pictures of statuary (all for the book). It was a long and tiring day, and so of course we decided to walk to Picadilly Circus that night, where we had supper and then took in a movie.

The home was quiet and often along almost deserted streets. I don't feel I can give adequate coverage to the Frightening Midget Story, so I'm afraid I'll have to insist that anyone reading this bug me about it next time they see me.
~ Friday, September 12, 2003
Somebody down there is crabby about our money.
~ Thursday, September 11, 2003
All the phobias you could hope to find, in one handy place.
~ Wednesday, September 10, 2003
Badgers! Make sure the sound is turned up.
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